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Quintessa Solomon-Hardy president and CEO of Unique Beauty, LLC. understands the value and importance of organization, empowerment, and the ability to grow to higher levels in life. She hopes to impact the mindsets of individuals all around the world to impede mental clarity and strategic ways of thinking.

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"Hello Beautiful" Goal Setting Workbook

Setting goals is essential in building a successful life, because you can it have it all with structure & a positive outlook. According to Forbes, goal setting is very important for the following reasons: 

1. Goals trigger behavior.

2. Goals guide your focus.

3. Goals sustain momentum.

4. Goals align your focus.

5. Goal setting promotes self-mastery.


 "12 Month Gold Ticket To Life & Financial Success" 

Go  “From Flipping Burgers, to Flipping Coins” like I did!

Now really who doesn’t need financial worksheets to set attainable goals? This master workbook will help you see that new business you may want to launch, home buyer down payment, more travel & vacation time, or even a down payment on a new car. 

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Take advantage of my exclusive coaching packages, classes, and career development programs by clicking the link below!

Here are a few tips on why mentorship is important as you grow & advance as a business owner:

• Opportunity to reflect on your own practice.

• Enhances job satisfaction.

• Develops professional relationships.

• Enhances peer recognition.

• It uses your experience, making it available to a new person.

• It widens your understanding of the organization and the way it works.

• It enables you to practice interpersonal skills.

Click Here To Schedule A Consultation!

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